Interns? Yes, please! 

As a small nonprofit, HCJF, works to informs low-wage workers about their legal rights, represents them in employment, consumer, and tenant cases, and supports social justice movements fighting for racial and economic justice. We cannot do this on our own! Internships and volunteer positions play an integral part in making this work possible. HCJF offers several participation levels of internships and has a variety of work available to suit different interests. We strive to make sure it is an effective and positive collaboration for all. The first step to becoming an intern is filling out our Student Interest Form. Also, take a minute to read the interview, located below, with our summer 2017 intern, Dufie Owusu. 

Click here to download the Student Interest Form. Forms may be returned via email Specific questions regarding the student internship program may be directed to our Executive, Gina Chiala, (816) 278-1094. 

Dufie Owusu
UMKC School of Law, 2nd Year Student
Summer 2017 Intern
How will this internship help you succeed at law school and/or the future? This internship gives me an opportunity to get a hands-on approach in the legal field. The practical experience I gain here hones in on my problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities which, I believe, will make me well-equipped for my practice in the future. While law school gives me a firm, theoretical foundation in the legal field, the practical experience I gain during this internship will help me make sense of these concepts and theories I am learning in school.
What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned? The most important thing I have learned is the value of initiative. My interaction with various clients has exposed me to the different realities that people face. And I have come to understand that my collaborative efforts with a motivated team that takes action and develops pragmatic solutions, go a long way to improve people’s lives.
What has been the best part of your experience so far? The best part of my experience has been the people I work with (i.e. Gina and Amanda). I feel valued and appreciated here. My opinion and work input are valued, and have a direct impact on affairs in the organization.  Gina and Amanda meet me half way, and involve me in strategizing and preparing for lawsuits, client meetings, workshops, to name a few. They are dependable and are always ready to answer any questions I have, as well as provide constructive feedback on my work. 
What are some things you worked on this summer? I had the opportunity to sink my teeth into drafting complaints, memoranda, motions, and presenting at workshops.
Was the work challenging? What about it was challenging?  Yes, the work was challenging and for that reason I was always excited to get up and go to work. What was challenging about the work was being cautious in communicating with clients to avoid misinformation, and ensuring that people were provided with accurate information at our educational workshops. Also, brainstorming with the team to figure out the best way to approach a case was challenging knowing that we were dealing with real cases involving real people, and the direct effect our plan of action had on their lives.
In 3 words how would you describe the internship?
Exciting, fulfilling experience!