I want my deposit back

  • Not more than 2 months rent: A landlord may not collect more than double your rent as a deposit. 
  • Must return deposit in 30 days. Your landlord must return your security deposit within 30 days from the date you move out along with an explanation for any deductions that were made for repairs.  Your landlord may only use the deposit for past-due rent if your lease provides as much.
  • Ordinary wear and tear. Your landlord may deduct from your deposit the reasonable costs of repairing damages you caused, such as carpet burns or holes in the wall.  The landlord may not charge you for the cost of ordinary wear and tear, such as fresh paint, routine carpet cleaning, or replacing an already worn carpet.  If you think the landlord made improper deductions from your deposit, you can call us for a consult.
  • Walk through.When you move out, your landlord is required to tell you when he or she will conduct a walk-through to assess the home for damages.  If your landlord gives you such notice, attend the walk-through, take photos, and dispute any damages that you did not cause or items you believe to be ordinary wear and tear.  If the landlord does not give you notice of a walk-through but withholds all or part of your deposit, you may have grounds to get your money back (along with the penalty below).
  • Penalty is double your deposit. If your landlord wrongfully withholds all or part of your deposit, the court can order that he or she pay you up to double the amount that was wrongfully withheld.