Can my employer pay me based on the number of pieces produced?

piece rate, if being paid by the number of pieces produced the pay must still be at least minimum wage

Some workers are paid by the number of pieces (or items) that they produced.  They must still be paid at least the minimum wage.  In order to calculate use this formula: (pre-tax wages on paycheck) divided by (the number of hours worked during the pay period) = hourly wage. That hourly wage must at least be $7.70 for workers in Missouri.

To learn more about laws around wages see our wage theft page.


I think my paychecks are short.

missing hours on your paycheck?  Management may be deleting hours to  keep labor costs down. It's wage theft. GO TO JobsandFREEDOM.ORG To learn more

Management may be tampering with your pay to help keep labor cost down.   Wage theft is a serious issue for low-wage workers, estimates state as much as $20-50 billion dollars are stolen from workers every year by their employers.  If your paycheck doesn't quite look right then it's time to track your hours. Dept. of Labor offers an app, if you happen to have an iphone.  Otherwise, you'll need to keep track of your hours in another way: a small notebook you carry with you, the note app on your phone or keeping your time slips in a folder.  Keep track of each clock-in and clock-out (including breaks) for one pay period. Compare the total hours with the hours on the paycheck. If you believe you may be a victim of wage theft call us.

More information about wage theft may be found here

I work for tips, can my job pay me less than minimum wage?

Tipped workers must make enough with tips and hourly wage to be equal to or more than the minimum wage.

Tipped workers can be paid the “sub-minimum wage” ($3.85 in Missouri for most employers) but only if the worker makes enough in tips and wages combined to equal the minimum wage of $7.70 per hour.  All tips received belong to the employee, not the employer, even when they exceed the minimum wage.  Tips may only be pooled among those workers who typically receive tips.  More information may be found here about minimum wage laws and your rights as an employee.

My boss tells me to clock out and then finish mopping the floors.

If you're working, you should be getting paid. An employer must compensate employees for all of the work they do, from the moment they arrive at work until the moment they leave work.

It's simple, if you're working you should be getting paid..  An employer should not be requiring you to do any tasks off the clock. You should be getting paid for all the work you do from the time you arrive at work until you leave. Click here to learn more about wage theft. If you're a low-wage worker you may call our office for a free consult.