My new job says I have to attend a two hour training that won't be paid, is that legal?

employers must pay a worker for time spent training on the job.

If your employer is requiring you to complete training on the job then you must be paid for all the time you spent in training.  If you'd like to learn more about ways employers steal wages from employees click here. Also, low-wage workers may call our office for a free consultation. 

My boss tells me to clock out and then finish mopping the floors.

If you're working, you should be getting paid. An employer must compensate employees for all of the work they do, from the moment they arrive at work until the moment they leave work.

It's simple, if you're working you should be getting paid..  An employer should not be requiring you to do any tasks off the clock. You should be getting paid for all the work you do from the time you arrive at work until you leave. Click here to learn more about wage theft. If you're a low-wage worker you may call our office for a free consult.